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December 11, 2019

Blister packaging machine routine maintenance

Blister packaging machine routine maintenance

(1) It is required to clean the blister packaging machine after the end of each shift. The cleaning part includes various movable parts as well as a lower anilox plate, a forming plate, a punching knife and the like.

(2) Oil injection per week - times, the oil is injected into each active part, the guide shaft of each station, the feed guide shaft punches four guide shafts, and the lower heating plate has four guide shafts. The oil is made of food-grade special lubricant and calcium-based grease (note that the synchronous toothed belt of the transmission part is forbidden to be filled with oil, and the sprocket part is filled with calcium-based grease).

(3) Inspection and maintenance every three months, including checking whether the movable parts of the blister packaging machine are smooth and free from sticking, and checking whether the bearing is damaged or not, whether the mold is damaged or not, and whether the laminated reed is broken.

(4) Annual overhaul-times, including the comprehensive overhaul of the aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine and the re-adjustment of the abnormal operation of the equipment. Replace the wearing parts, and the wearing parts are detailed in the equipment manual.

(5) The operation procedure is to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and increase the service life. It is a standard process guide for the use of the system.

(6) Operating precautions:
1 During the operation of the equipment, the operator should try not to press and pull the PVC in operation, only when the PVC stops;
2 Do not pull the PVC at the guide wheel while the PVC is moving and stopping.


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