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December 11, 2019

Capsule Filling Machine Specifications

NJP series Full-automatic Capsule Filling Machine is a new type of improved medicine filling equipment, which are characterized by novel structure, advanced design, convenience of cleaning, accurate dosing, adjustable filling weight, easy operation, speed adjustment by frequency conversion.



Semi automatic capsule filling machine is the new type which is

based on the DTJ-V (old type) R & D improved a new efficient capsule filling

equipment, new broadcast capsule assembly with cylindrical Shaw positioning design

makes the machine in the mold change time reduced to only 5 - 8 minutes can be

replaced and the work of debugging. And the new assembly in the capsule landed sac,

U-turn, vacuum separation and manual operation with the old type comparison more

simple, intuitive, simple, capsule on the machine rate higher. The novel structure,

beautiful shape, the electrical appliances, gas operated control, equipped with

automatic counting device for electronic, programmable controller and frequency

converter speed regulating device, can complete the capsule in place, separation,

filling, such as locking action, instead of manual filling, reduce labor intensity,

improve production efficiency, and filling dose accurate, conforms to the sanitary

requirement of pharmaceutical enterprises.


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